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Delaware's Tactical Firearm Leader since 1993

X-Ring Supply is a gun store in Newark, Delaware. As one of Delaware's oldest gun stores, we have extensive firearms knowledge and experience with gun sales. We sell all types of firearms; our sales staff is welcoming to new gun buyers and will help you find the perfect gun for you.  Our guiding principle is to be the type of gun store we would want to go to - lowest prices in the state, exciting and reliable products, welcoming and expert customer service.


And everything else! Our exclusive "Best Price Guarantee" policy. The best prices of all Brick and Mortar Delaware gun shops! Check our online gun store for prices before you pay more at another gun store!

 We are constantly getting in used guns. We update our gun inventory in real time on our online store so be sure to check often. If you are looking to sell your gun or want to sell guns from an estate, we buy used guns and offer estate services. We also offer gun consignment services and have the lowest fee of all Delaware gun shops. If you have questions about buying a gun in Delaware, transferring a gun in Delaware, gifting a gun in Delaware, or settling an estate containing guns, please see our blog post

We have hundreds of guns in-store and thousands on our online store.  Buy any time, any where, when ready for pick up we will give you a call. 


If you are a CCDW license holder or are thinking about getting your conceal carry permit, we have all the knowledge and gear you will need.


We proudly offer our First Responder Discount, participate in the Glock Blue Label Program,  Shadow Systems Hero Program and Sig Sauer Armed Professional Program.




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